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Summer Road Trip Series: The Sierras

In hopes of keeping the traveler’s spirit alive, we’d like to introduce our Summer Road Trip Series. Our intention with this series is to highlight destinations that are road trip worthy, specifically in these Summer months. Tumbleweed Travel Co has a handful of already curated road trips for you to peruse to your liking. And, if you are in need of some inspiration, stay tuned as we deep dive into our favorite Summer road trip plans. First up, we have: The Sierras

The Sierras

This area covers 400 miles of mountain range, houses three National Parks, the second deepest lake in the U.S., the tallest waterfall in the U.S., and so much more. Sierra Nevada translates to a few different things – snowy mountains in Spanish, nicknamed range of light to those who notice the light colored granite of the mountains, or just downright beautiful according to us at Tumbleweed! We love this area because of it’s historical components and the sheer amount of nature you have to connect with. Whether it be the majestic mountain tops, crisp woodsy air, green, dense giant trees, crystal clear waters, or the breathtaking hikes – this spot is guaranteed to leave its mark on you.

Road Trip Itinerary

Our carefully crafted itinerary title Ultimate Sierra includes two weeks worth of family-friendly fun. All you need is the time frame you’d like to travel in and with who. We cover the rest! How fun is it to think of a new place you wish to explore AND be given the itinerary to do so? It takes the stress out of the planning and puts the excitement and enjoyment into the trip!

To provide a little sneak peak on what to expect with this trip: You’ll start in San Francisco and drive a few hours East to the town of Coloma. Here, you’ll immerse yourself into Gold Rush territory, maybe crank up the excitement with some white water rafting, or hit the local breweries and wineries.

After about a day in Coloma, you’ll continue on to Lake Tahoe. The contrast of the trees, white boulders, and turquoise waters are unreal and an absolute must see. This area is perfect for a day at “the beach,” or on the water on a boat, kayak, paddle board, hiking above to get even more views, or roaming around the lake and ski town.

Heading further down the Sierra loop, you’ll find yourself in the Eastern Sierra, or Mammoth Lakes, next. This area is a little more secluded, scattered with hot springs and natural scenery. It’s a great area to relax and take it all in.

The first of three National Parks you’d hit on this trip is Yosemite. It’s no wonder this spot on the map sees millions of people each year. It’s a climber’s paradise. A kids playground. A nature enthusiast’s haven. A family’s favorite getaway.

Next up on the National Park train is King’s Canyon. This park is the perfect gradient between the grandiose rock formations of Yosemite and ancient tree giants of Sequoia. And while it has both of these natural elements, it also has one unique on its own: the deepest canyon in the USA. Your senses will continue to be stimulated out here.

And finally, we have Sequoia National Park. Like most everything else on this trip, these are just something you will have to see to believe. Walking amongst the giants, they say. It really draws out a sense of appreciation for our planet and gratitude of how we fit into it all. The Sequoias are overwhelmingly impressive. A couple days in this woodsy sanctuary does the soul good.

You’ll close your Sierra road trip loop back in the city you started feeling refreshed, grateful, and eager for the next one! The best thing about this itinerary too? We can modify it to work with your individual road trip must-haves and must-sees!


As if you are not already sold on this epic road trip…we’re just going to list out some places to make it hard to pick your jaw off the floor. No seriously, look these up.

  • Emerald Bay
  • Alabama Hills
  • Glacier Point, Mariposa Grove, The Valley, El Capitan
  • Hot Creek Geologic Park
  • Sequoia Trees
  • Highway 395 / California Scenic Route
  • Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes
  • King’s Canyon Floor Walk, Rim Walk

Can you picture it? The wind in your hair and on your fingertips as your hands glide through the air out the window. The family setting up camp surrounded by dense trees and the fire crackling as you all build the perfect s’more. The air that fills your lungs as you take that next step up on the hike above it all. The laughs, the questions, the discovery, the joy expressed on everyone’s face.

Oh the wonders of a road trip. The experiences and memories await!