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The Beginners Guide To RV Road Trip Planning

Don’t know where to start? Planning an RV road trip is confusing. Use this checklist to help you get started. 

1. Plan Ahead

You can never really plan too early for an RV vacation.  The sooner you plan, the more likely you will get your first choices of RV, campsites and activities. Some campgrounds sell out a year or more in advance.  When possible we recommend booking your trip between 6 to 9 months in advance.

2. Gather your Group

Your RV choice depends on the size and configuration of your group.  And the size of the RV affects the length of campsite needed at the various campgrounds. Try to have a committed group before moving forward with the planning. If your group is more than 5 people, we usually suggest two RVs or sometimes three.  Decide the number of travelers, who will be driving and sleeping arrangements.

3. Choose your Trip or Destinations

Explore our favorite TRIP ROUTES and the destinations available.  Do you like mountains and streams and cool weather?  Or deserts, crazy rock formations and warmer weather? Choose locations/sites that are not too far away from each other. You don’t want to spend your trip driving rather than hiking, swimming and exploring!  If you don’t see a route that works for you, we can create a customized itinerary.

Road Trip Routes Destinations

4. Dates

Choose the correct season for your travel destinations.  Some locations may be visited year round, but that is rare.  If you would like to avoid crowds, think about traveling in  the “shoulder” seasons.  This can also save you money renting your RV.  Lastly, most RV stations are closed on holidays and Sundays. Don’t plan on picking up or dropping off on those days.

5. Choose your RV Type

Take some time to read about different RVS and which would best serve your group: ages of travelers, amenities, sleeping configurations should all be part of the decision.  Having an RV gives you amenities like bathroom, kitchen, beds, etc.  Campgrounds can offer additional services such as bath houses, onsite stores, activities, fire pits, etc.  You pay a little more for the campgrounds with more conveniences .and your campsite may be less scenic.  

How To Choose The Correct RV

6. Hire Tumbleweed

The next steps are to rent your RV, pre-pay your mile usage, reserve your campgrounds, plot out your driving route, plan activities in your chosen destinations or LET US DO IT FOR YOU!  Either way, we’re here to help you plan your fun vacation.  

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