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From Our Founder

I am very excited to introduce TUMBLEWEED TRAVEL CO and to offer carefree road trips to family, friends and adventurers.

TUMBLEWEED TRAVEL CO will plan road trips in the United States for travelers who love the adventure, but may be intimidated by the planning involved or simply not have the time available.

With professional travel planning experience of more than 15 years, my team will bring together the elements of a great American road trip! Flexibility and spontaneity are a large part of any adventure.  We offer you the choices of our favorite locations ,sights and activities.  Vehicle rental, campsite reservations and amazing routes are OUR responsibility, not yours!  Your responsibility is to have fun, relax and enjoy your adventure.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about TUMBLEWEED TRAVEL CO and for trusting us with your next adventure.

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Brooke Johnson, Founder and Owner

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