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Choosing The Best RV to Rent for a Road Trip

Which RV is best for your road trip?

An important element in road trip planning is choosing the right recreational vehicle. We’re focusing on the motor homes knows as “RVs”. The following descriptions (plus the assistance of our staff) will help you decide which one is right for your road trip vacation.

To the right is a quick guide for each type of RV, and below you can find more in-depth information about each.

More In-Depth Info
Minivan ConversionSprinter/ Class BSmall Class CLarge Class CClass A
Length16 feet17-19 feet19-26 feet27-32 feet32-40 feet
Number of Seatbelts2-42-4576
Number of Beds11-2344
Best for2 People2-3 People2-4 People4-7 People4-6 People
Difficulty to driveEasyEasyMediumMediumDifficult
Rental Price$$$$$$$$$$$
Gas Mileage17-20 mpg12-15 mpg9-12 mpg7-10 mpg5-8 mpg
Air ConditionerNoSomeYesYesYes
A converted minivan with a pop-up top sits in front of a puddle, a reflection of the minivan shows in the puddle in the foreground


(Best for 2 people)

These campers come equipped with stove, small fridge, and sink. The kitchen is in the back of the van and some require set up of the sleeping area.

PROS: Good gas mileage, very maneuverable

CONS: Rarely equipped with showers or Flushing toilets. Beds must be converted.

A white Class C Sprinter Van parked in front of a red desert hill


(Best for 2-3 people)

Class B vans are known more recently as sprinter vans. They are becoming popular due to their fuel efficiency and amenities. They have a small kitchen, beds and toilets and can park in a traditional parking space.

PROS: Fuel efficient, nice finishes

CONS: Rarely equipped with showers or FLUSHING toilets. Beds usually converted from seating area.

A small Class C rental RV parked in front of snow-capped mountains at dusk


(Best for 2 – 4 people)

Small Class C motor homes are a great alternative to the minivan or Sprinter van. They have three beds (2 permanent beds and one convertible bed from the dinette area) and full bathrooms. The full bathroom (toilet and shower) makes this vehicle a good choice for small groups.

PROS: Full bathroom, multiple sleeping areas, good interior space

CONS: Boxy, not sleek

A large Class C RV parked in a forested campsite


(Best for 5 – 7 people)

These are the best vehicles for large groups and families. They typically have 4 beds and can sleep up to 7 people. Many of these vehicles also have “slide-outs” allowing for more space when parked and camping.

PROS: 4 sleeping areas, large interior space, fit in most campgrounds

CONS: Not as fuel efficient, sometimes difficult to find parking

A gray and white Class A RV parked in front of a desert hill


(Best for 5 – 6 people)

These motor homes are the largest of all. They are big and boxy and a favorite of the full-time RV’ers. They are truly more like “homes” than any of the others. They offer all the amenities (full bathrooms, kitchens, slide-outs, etc. but what you get in space, you lose in agility and fuel efficiency. It can be difficult to find appropriate campsites and they are often difficult to park

PROS: Full ‘master” bedroom, large windows, all amenities

CONS: Very big, difficult to drive, not fuel efficient and expensive.

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