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Black Hills and Badlands

Trip Information

Number of Nights: 6

Seasons: May – September

Start / End: Rapid City, SD

Average Price: $4450

Detailed Itinerary

Start: Rapid City, SD

Begin your road trip through the Black Hills and the Badlands in Rapid City with a bit of history by viewing the exhibits and artwork in Rapid City. Learn more about Rapid City.

Rapid City to Badlands: 78 miles

2 nights Badlands National Park

From there, you will spend two days exploring the Badlands. The Badlands is a playground for historians, geologists, paleontologists, hikers, and tourists to learn, discover, and explore. Learn more about Badlands National Park.

Badlands to Hot Springs: 130 miles

1 night Hot Springs, SD

After a couple days in the great outdoors, you will drive on to Hot Springs, where you can unwind in the mineral-rich hot springs and go swimming behind the Cascade Falls. Learn more about Hot Springs.

Hot Springs to Custer: 46 miles

2 nights Custer State Park

Next, it is on to South Dakota’s oldest state park, Custer State Park, where you must drive the stunning Wildlife Loop with the windows down as you peer out at the incredible animals.

Custer to Mt. Rushmore: 34 miles

1 night Mt. Rushmore National Monument

Lastly, you will end up at Mt. Rushmore, one of the USA’s most iconic landmarks. Before heading back to Rapid City, we suggest that you add one night at the Devil’s Tower National Monument. Learn more about Mt. Rushmore National Monument.

Mt. Rushmore to Rapid City: 25 miles

End: Rapid City, SD

Trip Extensions

Devils Tower Wyoming USA. Sacred site for Native American Indians. scaled from Tumbleweed Travel

1 night Devils Tower National Monument +$375

Declared a national monument in 1906, this 867 feet tall rock formation draws in half a million visitors each year. Whether you want to learn about the 20 affiliated tribes in the area, go cross-country skiing, join a junior ranger-program, or even try rock climbing the Devils Tower itself, this is the perfect place for an additional add on night to any road trip!

Learn more about Devils Tower National Monument.