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Ultimate Rockies

Trip Information

Number of Nights: 17

Seasons: Late May – Early September

Start / End: Denver, CO

Average Price: $9,855

Detailed Itinerary

Start: Denver, CO

Denver to Cheyenne: 100 miles

1 night Cheyenne, WY

Begin your Ultimate Rocky Mountains road trip by driving to Cheyenne from Denver for one night. Learn more about Cheyenne.

Cheyenne to Hot Springs: 325 miles

1 night Hot Springs, SD

From there, you will head to Hot Springs to enjoy the rejuvenating geothermal springs. Carve out time to visit the Mammoth Site where you learn about the prehistoric animals that roamed the area. Learn more about Hot Springs, SD.

Hot Springs to Custer: 45 miles

2 nights Custer State Park

Next, it is off to Custer State for two nights, where you can spot the burros as you drive the scenic routes! Known as Little Yellowstone, you will be sure to see bison and other wildlife roam the grassland.

Custer to Mt. Rushmore: 30 miles

1 night Mt. Rushmore National Monument

Spend a night at the famous Mt. Rushmore and exploring more of the Black Hills to learn our nation’s history. Learn more about Mount Rushmore National Monument.

Mt. Rushmore to Devils Tower: 130 miles

1 night Devils Tower National Monument, 1 night Sheridan, 1 night Cody

Continuing on, you will go to the jaw-dropping Devils Tower National Monument for an incredible outdoor experience before hitting Sheridan and Cody for one night each. Make sure to experience the thrill of the night rodeo in Cody or the famous Buffalo Bill Western Museum before heading into Yellowstone.  Learn more about Devils Tower National Monument.

Devils Tower to Cody: 405 miles

3 nights Yellowstone National Park (Eastern and Western Areas)

Of course, you can’t miss Yellowstone National Park! You will spend one night in Eastern Yellowstone and two nights in Western Yellowstone so you can truly delve into the park. Visit the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, hike to the Prismatic Spring and see Old Faithful erupt. Learn more about Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone to Jackson: 130 miles

2 nights Jackson Hole, WY

From Yellowstone, you will have a full day to discover Grand Teton National Park while driving south. Hike around Jenny Lake or visit Mormon Row on your drive. In Jackson, wander downtown and pick up a pair of western boots or grab a drink at the Cowboy Bar across from the famous town square. Learn more about Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Learn more about Jackson Hole.

Jackson to Rock Springs: 190 miles

1 night Rock Springs, WY

Head south and start making your way back to Colorado. Take a night in Rock Springs to break up the drive en route to Rocky Mountain.

Rock Springs to Rocky Mountain: 300 miles

3 nights Rocky Mountain National Park

Lastly, you will spend three nights at the Rocky Mountain National Park to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring nature before returning to Denver. Rocky Mountain is as beautiful as it gets and is truly an epic finally to your Rocky Mountain road trip. Learn more about Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain to Denver: 65 miles

End: Denver, CO

Trip Extensions

View of the Grand Tetons over the Snake River Wyoming scaled from Tumbleweed Travel

2 nights Grand Teton National Park +$725

While it took over 20 years to establish, Grand Teton National Park is now beloved by everyone who gets to visit it. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this park all year round from the lush forests to the sparkling lakes to the snow-capped mountains. Enjoy a float along the river, hiking the trails, wildlife watching, and more when you add two nights at Grand Teton to your road trip!

Learn more about Grand Teton National Park.