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The Benefits of Traveling in an RV or Camper

shutterstock 1291632451 from Tumbleweed TravelAll-in-one Space

Usually when you are traveling, your mode of transportation, place to stay, place to eat, storage space, place to shower, and places to see are all separate. But, with an RV, you have all of the necessities + added luxuries in one place! The convenience is unbeatable.

Saves You Money

Because it’s an all-in-one travel companion, traveling in an RV starts to save you serious bucks. Your biggest expense will probably be gas. You can nix the expensive hotel rooms out of the plans, as most of the spots you’d be parking and staying in your RV will be pretty cheap. We’re talking $0 – $50/night on average! Also, you don’t have to resort to eating out for every meal since you have a mini kitchen handy (cost conscious + healthy!)  Just think, all the money you aren’t blowing on these “extras,” you can put towards the experiences of your choosing.


shutterstock 718977925 from Tumbleweed TravelViews

Aside from the actual destinations you will be visiting in your RV, the views you get from the driver’s seat along the way are insane. No matter how big the RV, most have pretty epic panoramic views through the larger windshield + side windows. Take all the scenic drives, and see them clearly too! Even better? Wake up next to your new favorite view out the back of your van or down the steps of your RV.


Speaking of those views, you can stop as many times as you want and stay wherever you’d like (for the most part) on your trip. Sometimes a place you didn’t even know about catches your eye along the way. With an RV, you have the time and the means to actually explore it! Being in total control of your schedule and your route perfectly showcases the freedom of the open road. See where it takes you.

Unlimited Access

When you provide your own roof over your head, the possibilities of places to stay are endless. Allow yourself to get creative with them. RV park by the beach? Sure! How about parked ON the beach? Or secluded in the trees under the stars. Maybe even overlooking a lake or canyon. Winery more your style? Whatever your scene is, there’s a place to park within it. All you have to do is find it.

shutterstock 560410960 from Tumbleweed TravelUnplug, If You Want To

How connected do you want to be with the world? Whether you absolutely need your wifi or you are craving a totally remote weekend – the choice is yours. There are plenty of RV parks that have full hookups, access to wifi, cell service, and more. But there are just as many secluded spots where it’s just you and the great outdoors (and your favorite new home on wheels of course!)


The people you choose as your co-pilot(s), camping set-up, pull-off spots you take last minute, how close (or how little) you follow your initial route, laughs you share, sunsets you see, trails you hit, experiences you have, and memories you make are completely unique to you and your RV crew. There will never be a road trip exactly like yours. How exciting is that?

These are just a few of the benefits of traveling in an RV, but we can promise you there’s more. The best thing about this type of travel is that it’s what you make of it. Whether you are looking for a more luxurious, glamping-style trip, or a low-key, bare-necessities trip – there’s an RV out there waiting to make it happen with you. Put your road trippin’ pants on and get out there!