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Value Experiences Over Things

When you think about your favorite birthday, or trip, holiday, or even just a day – what comes to mind? Is it the tangible items that were given to you or a part of that day? Or, perhaps, is it how you felt that day, the people that surrounded you, the activities you did, or the places you saw? We’d like to think that more often than not, it’s the latter. But why is that, do you think? Here’s our two cents on it.

Material things are often so fickle. They cross your mind and remain there for what seems like forever at the time, but only until a new item replaces it. They can easily be the greatest thing you ever had, everything you ever dreamed of. But, they’re only as prominent and important as ever in that specific moment. And that’s okay! It’s just that later down the road, we often forget those things that were so significant to us at that time, you know?

What we never forget are the moments we give life to, or that give life to us. We think, because those moments have an attached feeling to it. An intangible something that connects us to that experience. And, one that lasts beyond that moment enough to where you’ll always be talking about it.

For good reason too! Whether it was the smell of the open road. Wind in your hair. Crossing off a bucket list destination of yours. Or, on the flipside, it was everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong, but makes for the most hilarious story now. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s always one that transcends time – far beyond the actual moments it lived in. 

There’s something really special about that. Even more so in the sense that that particular experience is completely authentic to you. No one else can go out and buy that exact experience, with the same exact emotions, sights, or stories included with it. How sweet is that?

It’s kind of like making deposits, but into the life experiences bank. A way more fun style of banking, we might add. And these kind of deposits are ones that pay you back tenfold. We couldn’t have said it better than “Travel: the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Now, don’t get us wrong – It’s totally cool to put money towards material things as well as experiences. Treat yourself however you know feeds your soul best. Material things can bring you just as much joy as experiences – which one will continue bringing you that joy though?

If we had to choose between things or experiences? We’d choose experiences. Every time. No question. 

Because we’re prone to choose these experiences, and have a few under our belts, we’ve crafted some of our favorite road trip itineraries on the Tumbleweed Travel Co website. While these ones are already curated, there’s still room for customization. Like we’ve said before, you make authentic connections with your experiences, so they deserve to be tailored to you. Take a look through our site for a little inspiration, and reach out when you’re ready for that next adventure. 

We hope you find just as much of the joy, and the value in experiences as we do.