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Crater Lake NP

About Crater Lake NP

Thousands of years ago, the Klamath Tribe explained how Crater Lake came to be with a story. A great war took place when the spirit of the below-world sought revenge against the Klamath after being rejected by the chief’s beautiful daughter. The spirit of the above-world fought and defeated him, forcing him back below the earth and sealing him forever by collapsing Mount Mazama. In reality, Crater Lake was formed when Mount Mazama erupted on epic proportions and left behind the deepest lake in the USA. As one of the clearest lakes in the world, Crater Lake has inspired and awed countless visitors. People come from miles around to take marvel at its wide expanse of glistening water. You can take to the lake for boating, swimming, and visiting the stunning Wizard Island. Around Crater Lake, you will find hiking trails, camping spots, and charming little towns waiting to welcome you with open arms.

A closeup view of phantomship Crater Lake Oregon from Tumbleweed Travel
Crater Lake National Park 3 from Tumbleweed Travel
Crater Lake Oregon from Tumbleweed Travel


  • Drive the rim of Crater Lake (and stop a lot for pictures)
  • Have a delightful picnic with a view
  • Take a ranger-guided boat tour of the lake
  • Go swimming in the chilling waters of the crater


Type: National Park

Season: Year Round

Climate: Forest

Airport(s): CRA

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