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Hoover Dam, NV

About Hoover Dam

The creation of the Hoover Dam was an immense project that took place almost a century ago, during the time of the Great Depression. When the project was finally completed in 1935, Hoover Dam stood as the tallest dam of its time at 726 feet tall. It took nearly 5 million barrels of cement to complete; it put that it recognizable terms, that would have been enough cement to pave a road from San Francisco to New York City!

Now, this famous dam draws over a million visitors each year to see its impressive arch and learn its inspiring history.

While visiting the dam, you can take tours of the power plant, enjoy the panoramic views from the observation decks, and even take a non-powered watercraft out onto the Colorado River (you will need to contact a livery service to do this.)

Hoover Dam in United States. Hydroelectric power station on the border of Arizona and Nevada. from Tumbleweed Travel
Hoover Dam from Tumbleweed Travel


  • Take an extensive tour of the Hoover Dam
  • Pose for pictures with the stunning background on the Observation Deck
  • Stop at Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge for views of the dam itself
  • Hit Las Vegas after enjoying the sites of the dam


Type: National Monument

Season: Year Round

Climate: Desert

Airport(s): Las Vegas

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