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Cooking on the Road

Let’s set the record straight: just because you are going on a road trip does not mean that you have to sacrifice good home cooked meals. If anything, more options are available to you while on the road – and we’re here to highlight those options.

Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

First, know that most RVs, vans, trailers come with a kitchen of some sort. Small, yes, but a kitchen all the same. Whether it’s a two burner stove, a portable grill, or a convection oven, it serves as a tool fit enough for you to make the same kind of meals you make at home.

To save time and frustration, we highly recommend preparing your meals ahead of time. Make a list of breakfast, lunch and dinners you’d like to have on your trip. Grab the ingredients before you hit the road. Your counter space and cooking area will be limited, so do the prep work like chopping up the meat and veggies, cooking items ahead, and placing them all in easy to grab containers. Doing so will also allow for more time spent in the destinations your visiting rather than zoned in on preparing dinner in the RV every night.

Which brings us to our next tip – mix up the scene! Cook your meals in your RV, or over a campfire, or grab a bite at a local restaurant. A road trip is about experiencing different places in their entirety. It gives you the chance to do and see things differently, so take advantage where you can.

Cooking in the RV

Have no fear, convenience is here. Just like you don’t have to sacrifice good home cooked meals while on the road, you also don’t have to sacrifice the luxuries of appliances you have at home. As mentioned, you will have access to a kitchen in your RV. Your RV will also come with a power source, running water, lights, and refrigeration, so when you are thinking about what and how you and your family will be eating on the road, think of it the same way you do when you’re at home – but with better scenery.

Open the windows, turn on some tunes (or enjoy the quiet), and get the whole family involved. Keep the kids entertained, or have them help set the table, gather supplies, or help you cook. Here are a few of our favorite RV recipes.

  • Spaghetti
  • White Chicken Chili
  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Protein Smoothies

Cooking Over the Fire

There’s just something about the crackling and smell of an open flame, fresh food, and the outdoors that gets us grinning from ear to ear. If you are willing to embrace a little bit of creative simplicity, cooking outdoors over a fire can do just the trick too. It’s slower paced, but oh so good.

Most RV resorts will have a fire pit or outdoor grill set up, if they do not, there’s still a way for you to create your own outdoor kitchen. We recommend getting your hands on an over fire grate/grill to use. Or, a portable propane grill will be handy too. Utilize a picnic table that’ll typically be at your campsite, or pop up that foldable table to set up your outdoor counter space. Keep everything you need cold and fresh in the fridge in the RV or in a cooler until you are ready to use. Pull out your pre-cut or pre-made ingredients and get to cooking. Here are a few of our favorite campfire recipes to keep the ideas rolling.

  • Tacos
  • Campfire Pizza
  • Grilled Kabobs
  • Breakfast Skillet
  • Banana Boats

Eating at Local Restaurants

We know we don’t need to give you a “how-to guide” to local restaurants, but we do want to remind you that it is another great option when it comes to food on the road. As much fun as cooking can be, we all have those moments where we just don’t feel like doing it. Or, we simply want to dive into the local fare. And that’s okay! Here at Tumbleweed Travel Co, we help you plan everything from the RV and campsite(s) reservations, activities, destinations and more. With all of that handled, the destinations laid out for you, and thoughtful suggestions, choosing a fun restaurant should be a breeze.

Food has a way of transporting us to a specific place or moment in time. The smell, the taste, the experience around it – it’s another key part of the travel bug bite. Whether you’re bobbing around and laughing with your partner and kids in a small home on wheels, taking in the sights and sounds around your campsite, or trying something new in some place new, the memories that sprout from these meals around the table will last a lifetime. So, where will your food take you next?