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Book Now (4 Reasons you Should!)

As the owner of Tumbleweed Travel Co., I frequently encounter the question, “When’s the best time to book our trip?” The answer is quite straightforward: the sooner, the better. “Early” can vary from person to person; for some, it’s a year ahead, while for others, it’s just a month before their intended travel date. What’s no secret, though, is the popularity of the stunning and captivating destinations we curate trips to. To secure your spot, advanced planning is essential. Gone are the days when you could embark on a spontaneous road trip and easily find available campsites around the Western National Parks. The landscape has changed, and now, reservations are snapped up six months to even a year in advance. Just last week, I arranged a campsite reservation in Yellowstone for a client, and the availability was already limited for sites in June 2024. However, the benefits of early planning extend beyond mere availability. Here are our top four reasons why you should consider booking your Spring and Summer 2024 vacation now and entrust us to plan it for you.

Coordinate and Get Everyone on Board

When it comes to planning a family or group vacation, getting everyone’s schedules on the same page early on is a game-changer. Syncing up calendars has a bunch of perks. It makes sure everyone can actually join in, boosting the whole group vibe. Plus, it’s like a VIP pass for accommodating special needs, whether it’s work stuff, family time, or personal must-haves. No last-minute scrambling means less stress overall. Less stress, more enjoyment– that’s what you get when you plan ahead. And it’s not just about the trip – it’s about building up that pre-trip excitement. There’s nothing like having a trip on the calendar to look forward to.

Ditch the Stress

By taking the time to meticulously plan your road trip well in advance, you can significantly alleviate the stress that comes with last-minute decisions and unforeseen hiccups. Once you choose the locations you want to visit, who you want to travel with and when you want to travel, we will organize the rest. Having a well-thought-out itinerary, knowing where you’ll camp each night, and having contingency plans for unexpected detours can make a world of difference. So, whether you’re charting a cross-country escapade or a short spring break trip, remember that a little upfront planning can go a long way in turning your road trip into a stress-free journey filled with excitement and memorable moments.

Save Money

Planning your road trip in advance brings a bundle of cost advantages. First off, those tempting “early bird” discounts are your golden ticket to significant savings on RV rentals. Sometimes the savings is up to 20%. In addition, many RV rentals are priced based on supply and demand. The later in the season you book, oftentimes, the more you will pay for the same rental. No more fretting about last-minute price spikes – by securing your plans early, you dodge those budget-busting surprises. Early planning gives you the gift of time – time to save up, time to explore budget-friendly options, and time to strategically allocate your funds. So, embrace the power of early planning and let those cost advantages fuel your journey toward an amazing and budget-savvy vacation.

Get the Best ( RV Rentals, Campsites & Activities)

This is our number one reason to get your trip booked early! Securing the best campsites and activities,, particularly concerning National Park road trips, heavily relies on proactive planning. Popular destinations, like Yellowstone, often witness swift bookings, especially during peak seasons. By meticulously organizing preparations well ahead of time with Tumbleweed, you gain a distinct advantage in booking the best campgrounds, rentals, and activities. In the context of RV rentals and campsite bookings, these resources are in high demand and can sell out quickly. However, early booking guarantees that your group avoids potential disappointment due to unavailability. Booking in the Fall ensures that your desired lakeside campsite or memorable canyoneering activity unfolds seamlessly, without worrying about availability.

Planning ahead of time is difficult. I can’t tell you how many calls I get in the spring begging for help planning a trip that is just around the corner. We try and help, but sometimes it is just too late to pull off a great trip. If you plan early, you can sit back, relax and look forward to your upcoming vacation and know the hardest part (the planning) is taken care of. Reach out soon and get started!